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If you have been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know we are fans of Seeds Family Worship here in the Vicarage, especially their kinetic typography videos. I just came across a couple of new videos they’ve done. Maybe not quite as fancy as the early ones, but still brilliant for teaching memory verses – at home, in Junior Church or Kids Club, in school assembly or even with the full church family on a Sunday.

The first one is John 16:33 – Take heart


And the latest production – just out this week- is Hebrews 4:12 – The Word of God

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We love the kids music produced by Seeds Family Worship in the US. At the moment you can download a free memory song from their website – Romans 6v23.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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I get the Seeds Family Worship newsletter and they linked me to this month’s free download. It’s from my favourite Seeds cd, Seeds of Courage. Go listen and then badger your local Christian music shop to start stocking the cds. In the meantime, Tim V-B (see his comment at the bottom of the page) has a box of the cds available.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

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Those talented folk at Seeds Family Worship have got together with some other creative types to produce a dvd of seven of their bible memory verses. I can’t embed it into my blog, but I am going to get the Vicar to fund the $49.95 to order it. The seven memory verses on the dvd are as follows:

  1. “Cast Your Cares” Psalm 55v22
  2. “Go” Matthew 28v19
  3. “Servant of All” Mark 9v35
  4. “Take Heart” John 16v33
  5. “The Secret” Philippians 4v12-13
  6. “Think About It” Philippians 4v8
  7. “Wonderfully Made” Psalm 139v14

If you’ve not heard their stuff before, you need to know that they are fun, catchy and grown-up friendly. You can also download the videos individually for $14.98. I’m not sure if you can download the whole dvd though. Seeds do a monthly free download of their songs so you can listen to another sample.

A couple of the songs above are already available on YouTube as kinetic typography videos, but this dvd looks like an excellent resource. In the meantime, enjoy a video of the Seeds team singing “The Secret” live:

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I had a wonderful time on my conference last week, thanks for asking. But I need to catch up on the laundry whilst I compose a blog post or two. There’s lots of Vicarage news and I might even manage to share a few gems that I picked up from the saints I met up with whilst I was away.

In the meantime, here’s the newest piece of kinetic typography from Seeds Family Worship.

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A few weeks ago I posted up the kinetic typography YouTube clip of Psalm 55v22 from Seeds Family Worship.

A couple of nights ago I came across another one they’ve done, of Philippians 4v6-7. ‘Do not be anxious…’ A good verse to hold onto, especially when feeling rather overwhelmed by the pace of Vicarage life…

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As I mentioned earlier, we ordered the full set of Seeds Family Worship bible memory song cds. They cost a bargain $65 for 5 double sets. Or so we thought…

We had a delivery slip – more to pay. So the Vicar went off to the sorting office, where we were charged an extra £14.70 = £6.70 VAT + £8.00 ‘Royal Mail International Handling Fee’.

Not as cheap as we thought - but still great value

Not as cheap as we thought - but still great value

Hrmph. According to the sticker provided, ‘Goods purchased and imported into the EU with a value over £18 (for VAT purposes) … are subject to Customs charges.’

The cds were still fairly cheap (less than £7 each) and we are really enjoying them so far, but I need to remember to factor that in next time I get enthusiastic about a US shopping site.

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Christian music has a reputation for being a bit rubbish, and kids’ Christian music even more so. However, our kids are great fans of Colin Buchanan (the Australian not the bishop). His music is fun, biblical and we can bear to listen to it in the car more than once. [NB Colin is on tour in the UK this summer, but rather sadly not anywhere very near the West Midlands.]

The trouble with Colin is that we have all his stuff now. So I was really pleased to come across this great YouTube clip from Seeds Family Worship:

[HT:Justin Taylor]

I’ve just ordered all five of their cds, which are priced at $12.98 each,  but you get two for the price of one. Shipping’s not cheap ($16.95 for international airmail) but we’ve ended up buying ten cds (five to give away) for just over £5 each.

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