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I was teaching the first of our new Junior Church series on the Ten Commandments this morning. We had a great time thinking about Joshua 24 and the people being reminded of all the great things God had done for them before they thought about their choice to worship God or the gods of the various ‘ites they’d come across in their journey to the Promised Land.

I also taught the kids the Ten Commandments using hand signals for each one. I first learnt these a couple of years ago – and now I actually know which commandment is which after years of having only a vague idea about their order. Here’s the Joker showing you the moves:

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And we all enjoyed a rather cheesy song: the Ten Commandment Boogie. A good opportunity to practice your signals!

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Those talented folk at Seeds Family Worship have got together with some other creative types to produce a dvd of seven of their bible memory verses. I can’t embed it into my blog, but I am going to get the Vicar to fund the $49.95 to order it. The seven memory verses on the dvd are as follows:

  1. “Cast Your Cares” Psalm 55v22
  2. “Go” Matthew 28v19
  3. “Servant of All” Mark 9v35
  4. “Take Heart” John 16v33
  5. “The Secret” Philippians 4v12-13
  6. “Think About It” Philippians 4v8
  7. “Wonderfully Made” Psalm 139v14

If you’ve not heard their stuff before, you need to know that they are fun, catchy and grown-up friendly. You can also download the videos individually for $14.98. I’m not sure if you can download the whole dvd though. Seeds do a monthly free download of their songs so you can listen to another sample.

A couple of the songs above are already available on YouTube as kinetic typography videos, but this dvd looks like an excellent resource. In the meantime, enjoy a video of the Seeds team singing “The Secret” live:

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Since it’s the summer hols, posting is going to be a bit light. My brain is fried after nearly five months of Vicar’s Wifeing, but I’ll put up a few fun things over the coming weeks to cheer us all up as the rain reminds us we live in the Wet Midlands.

When I was posting the Seeds Family Worship kinetic typography the other week, I came across this song. It’s the best books of the bible song I’ve come across, and I’ve looked at a good few.

Please excuse the American pronunciation for various books (Isaiah, Hosea and Philemon) plus the references cited as being from ‘Psalms’. We are finding it easy to forgive them cos the kids love this song. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure they pronounce everything correctly (or at least with a Black Country accent).

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I had a wonderful time on my conference last week, thanks for asking. But I need to catch up on the laundry whilst I compose a blog post or two. There’s lots of Vicarage news and I might even manage to share a few gems that I picked up from the saints I met up with whilst I was away.

In the meantime, here’s the newest piece of kinetic typography from Seeds Family Worship.

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A few weeks ago I posted up the kinetic typography YouTube clip of Psalm 55v22 from Seeds Family Worship.

A couple of nights ago I came across another one they’ve done, of Philippians 4v6-7. ‘Do not be anxious…’ A good verse to hold onto, especially when feeling rather overwhelmed by the pace of Vicarage life…

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My copy of Behold the Lamb by Andrew Peterson arrived a few days ago and since then we’ve been enjoying the album, even though it’s really for the Christmas season.

Of course, we are particularly savouring Matthew’s Begats and the Queen loves the song so much that she keeps on nicking the lyrics sheet and trying to sing along. Just in case you wanted to aswell, I’ve found the lyrics on the web.

I’ve also found a Matthew’s Begats book which I’m considering buying for the kids (and my godchildren), which comes with a cd of the song and the story of the people in it.

If the Queen cracks the lyrics I’ve promised I’ll upload her singing it onto YouTube. Watch this space….

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Just been reminded of this great song by Andrew Peterson based on the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. It makes me smile, especially when he sings ‘Listen very closely, I don’t want to sing this twice.’

I’m planning to buy the album ‘Behold the Lamb’, which I’ve just found is less than a fiver. Maybe a bit late for this Christmas but I’ll be word perfect with the genealogy by next year…

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