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Tales from the crossing

Crossing the road with Mr Goldtooth today, the Engineer shocked me by saying ‘Thank you’ for the first time without being prompted. I was so pleased that I laughed and pushed the buggy on for the afternoon pick-up.

My three year old then chastised me as we headed for the school gate: ‘Mummy, you didn’t say ‘Thank you.”

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1. The children are very grumpy and argue with each other even more than usual.

2. The Joker screams while the Queen tries to boss him around.

3. The Engineer cries all the way home when he has to walk rather than go in the buggy.

4. In the next two days, you have to prepare a Pathfinder meeting (on work and idleness), write a monthly prayer diary and bake multiple trays of flapjack for the school summer fair.

5. You’d rather spend your time blogging about the things you have to do than actually getting round to doing them.

6. You find that you have put the lettuce in the freezer instead of the fridge.

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Happy Wolves

Apparently, we live in the second happiest city in Britain. If you read the article, though, we are reported as being happy about having our football team.

Some Singaporean friends were visiting recently and asked us what Wolverhampton was famous for, and we could only really think of the footie. And motor cars in the 1920s.

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The Joker’s plans

Today a good friend of the Joker’s pinched him on the arm at school, so he told a teacher. When the teacher went to resolve things, the Joker’s friend apologised. The teacher asked if everything was then okay with the Joker.

‘It will be, when I marry her’ he said.

Good to know that he’s planning ahead.

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I’d like to remember…

… that the Engineer once said things like

‘When Owen comes to ours house, I will show him mine hoolie-oop.’

Ah bless.

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Joker and the vegetables

Today the Joker was struggling with finishing some mushrooms from his lasagne at tea time. Cooked mushrooms are not popular with any of my children but I thought I could sneak them past with the mince.

We bribed him to eat the mushrooms by telling him he could have some more lettuce if he ate the mushrooms up. It worked.

The Joker loves to eat green veggies. He is a strange mutant. How long will it last do you think?

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I went to see my dear friend Starstudent a few days ago. I’ve not had a good catch-up with her for ages, because she’s just been taking exams.

Amongst the usual school gate chit-chat, we discussed the Conservatives’ victory in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election and also the local elections. The local elections resulted in a change of council control in Wolverhampton from Labour to no-overall-control.

She told me that she’d not bothered voting in local elections before but that she’d been so fed up with the administration of her tax credits that she’d decided to vote. And vote Tory for the first time too.

If an Asian university student who’s also a single mum is voting for the Conservatives, it seems that they are winning votes from a whole new section of society (based on my sample of one!).

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My dear husband was in the pub watching sport the other week and overheard the following conversation conducted in deep Black Country accents:

Bloke 1: Grumble moan, grumble moan
Bloke 2: It’s all these blooming immigrants taking our jobs, in’it.
Bloke 1: Yeah, they should all go back to where they came from. Grumble moan.

MDH turned round to see a white man and two Asians discussing the problem that is bugging the BNP…

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