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My last post was titled ‘Waiting‘, and was posted just over a month ago, on Easter Eve. When I wrote it, we were waiting for Easter Day. I thought I would perhaps have a few days off the discipline of writing six days out of seven, and then return with gusto. Or at least with a few things to say.

I had not factored in toothache in a pandemic.

By the end of Easter weekend I was talking to the emergency dentist and taking ibuprofen and paracetamol every two hours, then I was taking antibiotics. And then it was two trips to the PPE bedecked dentist, and now I am half a molar and a couple of nerves down, and still on a smidge of ibuprofen. And it’ll be a trip to the dental hospital after lockdown. Joy.

Other than toothache we have been managing pretty well the last month. Online services have continued with increasing technical sophistication – homemade music videos – multiple people reciting consecutive verse of a psalm. DVDs have been delivered to the internetless, telephone and Zoom counselling has taken place. The Archdeacon has phoned. The kids have done at least a few minutes of school and uni work. A small amount of gardening has been achieved. And the dust reached such a depth that I even resorted to breaking out a can of furniture polish.

And I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary by having a nerve removed from my tooth. For richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in lockdown, in sickness, with toothache and in health, I’m still glad to be the Vicar’s Wife.



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