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Still a mess

Still a mess

A few updates on the book which has been occupying me pretty well for the past four months. And looks like taking up my time for a few weeks longer…

1. The title has changed! It’s now

The Ministry of a Messy House:

Grace in place of guilt

My favourite other option was ‘Another Fine Mess’ but we thought that we might miss those who were’t Laurel and Hardy fans.

2. The book is going to have illustrations by the wonderful Ian Mitchell. I’ve seen a couple of rough drafts and am pretty sure he’s set up a surveillance camera in the Vicarage.

3. I wrote over 36,000 words for the first draft and flabbergasted myself by submitting it pretty much on the deadline. Now I’m editing and writing an introduction and a few other bits to go with the main manuscript.

4. I am writing this blogpost as a distraction activity from the editing and writing I should be doing. Of course.

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