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Those talented folk at Seeds Family Worship have got together with some other creative types to produce a dvd of seven of their bible memory verses. I can’t embed it into my blog, but I am going to get the Vicar to fund the $49.95 to order it. The seven memory verses on the dvd are as follows:

  1. “Cast Your Cares” Psalm 55v22
  2. “Go” Matthew 28v19
  3. “Servant of All” Mark 9v35
  4. “Take Heart” John 16v33
  5. “The Secret” Philippians 4v12-13
  6. “Think About It” Philippians 4v8
  7. “Wonderfully Made” Psalm 139v14

If you’ve not heard their stuff before, you need to know that they are fun, catchy and grown-up friendly. You can also download the videos individually for $14.98. I’m not sure if you can download the whole dvd though. Seeds do a monthly free download of their songs so you can listen to another sample.

A couple of the songs above are already available on YouTube as kinetic typography videos, but this dvd looks like an excellent resource. In the meantime, enjoy a video of the Seeds team singing “The Secret” live:

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