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Yesterday was all about bouncing, bad backs and the trimming of teeth. I don’t really want to talk about the green goo that found its way into the Queen’s hair in the middle of the night, via the cat’s hindquarters. You will be pleased to hear that shampoo removed it effectively from hair. We haven’t yet dealt with the duvet and carpet…

The Vicar needed a new desk to counter the middle aged arrival of back issues. So we loaded the kids into the car for an Ikea breakfast (guaranteed to counter a bad back, although possibly not the middle aged spread). As we loaded the car with myriad packages, pleased to have avoided tealights for once, the kids took advantage of a free bungee bouncer outside the front of the store.

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And the teeth trimming? That was a trip to the vet’s with Squeak the Rodent, whose bottom left front tooth had grown ridiculously long over the summer. So he had it it cut back to prevent it beginning to slice into the top of his jaw. A quick and fairly untraumatic procedure, both for him and for my purse.

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I am a bad mother. It’s true. The Queen and the Joker both have fillings.

Every parent knows that brushing the children’s teeth is an excruciating experience for everyone. I loathe it and confess to having been a slacker (hence the fillings). My inner city dentist, used to the bad diets of local children, told me to stop giving them pop and sweeties but I am a bit of a food Nazi and the kids hardly ever had them anyway. So it must have been my bad brushing.

Actually, you should only have a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Actually, you should only have a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

But since I started my new brushing technique the fillings have stopped. Phew.

What we do is count elephants. This is because:

  1. It makes me smile and reminds me of the Vicar’s favourite movie (where someone counts elephants to time the processing of a photograph).
  2. If you count ‘one elephant’ it lasts pretty much one second.
  3. The kids think it’s fun and it can also be done in French (or other language) or you can use dinosaurs too.

What I do is go around the mouth counting twenty elephants seven times – twenty elephants along each side of the mouth, top and bottom, with the mouth open. Then twenty elephants each side and front with the teeth together. This makes a total of 140 elephants, which is the dentists’ recommended two minutes with a bit extra to compensate for grumpy children.

It seems to be working for us, and can also be transferred to the kids as they start to brush for themselves. ‘Have you counted the elephants’ I ask the Queen when she brushes her own teeth…

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