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I met with my prayer support group this weekend. We’re now in our 22nd year of meeting, and on Saturday (in between eating and talking and praying and taking a short walk together) we listened to recordings of two talks by Kathleen Nielson. Kathleen heads up Women’s Initiatives for the Gospel Coalition in the US and brought some wonderful insights into Old Testament narrative. We listened to her talks on Rahab and the Tower of Babel. Her teaching is engaging and stimulating – highly recommended.

The great encouragement of meeting for prayer and bible study helped with the fact that I was away from home when a sad accident befell the Vicarage Rodent. Those of you who follow on Twitter will know that our degu had a sweet habit of escaping at bedtime. Alas, this weekend his escaping habit ended very unhappily, and Squeak is no more. There was a solemn funeral in the back garden, where he joined his erstwhile companion, Snuffle, who predeceased him. What with Squeak’s demise and some stressful adventures with trains (I nearly ended up in Glasgow instead of London, for starters) I am very thankful that I’ve got no further trips away planned for a while.

Snuggling with the Vicarage Cat

Happy Days: Snuggling with the Vicarage Cat

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Unusual Harmony in the Vicarage

Alas, the harmony is not between the Vicarage children, but possibly more surprising than that. I’m not sure whether it’s due to the advanced age and slothfulness of the Vicarage cat or the generally winning personality of the Vicarage rodent. But the cat shows no inclination to make micemeat of the degu. In fact there are occasions where it looks like they are sharing a small kiss. I’ve not yet managed to capture that, but here is a sample of their chilled relationship from yesterday evening.

Not quite the lion laying down with the lamb but a start, eh?

Almost the lion laying down with the lamb…

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Yesterday was all about bouncing, bad backs and the trimming of teeth. I don’t really want to talk about the green goo that found its way into the Queen’s hair in the middle of the night, via the cat’s hindquarters. You will be pleased to hear that shampoo removed it effectively from hair. We haven’t yet dealt with the duvet and carpet…

The Vicar needed a new desk to counter the middle aged arrival of back issues. So we loaded the kids into the car for an Ikea breakfast (guaranteed to counter a bad back, although possibly not the middle aged spread). As we loaded the car with myriad packages, pleased to have avoided tealights for once, the kids took advantage of a free bungee bouncer outside the front of the store.

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And the teeth trimming? That was a trip to the vet’s with Squeak the Rodent, whose bottom left front tooth had grown ridiculously long over the summer. So he had it it cut back to prevent it beginning to slice into the top of his jaw. A quick and fairly untraumatic procedure, both for him and for my purse.

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