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The Curate has recently been appointed as a real life Vicar and we will be moving to a grown up vicarage a few weeks after Christmas. This is all very exciting – the chance to serve God in a new place and put down roots after living in 7 houses, 5 cities and 3 countries in 13 1/2 years of marriage.

The challenge now is to get ready and one of my tasks is to sort our sofas out. The sofas were bought 9 years and 4 houses ago and on a different continent. We love them but a series of cats has meant that the covers are disgustingly shredded and are suffering from small children induced wear and lots of tear. They are Ikea sofas and Ikea have discontinued the range.

When I asked at a local furniture shop about the cost of replacement covers, figures of £600 per sofa were mentioned, sending me straight for the Ikea catalogue to look at brand new sofas. However, today I discovered this fantastic site where I reckon we’ll be able to recover our entire set for less than the price of a new sofa. Phew! And how eco-friendly too.

Now I just have to decide on colours…

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