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Tonight we made a rainbow for our rainbow shaped window. This Holy Week is the week we especially remember the hope that we have. We are joining with EasterMeansHope.com to share the hope of Christ with our neighbours.

Paper rainbow and 'EasterMeansHope.com' in arched window

We had the window ready for this evening’s #ClapforOurCarers, and the Joker joined in with extra noise tonight – a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow on his trombone.

The Joker, wearing black t-shirt and beige shorts, flipflops, plays his trombone outside the Vicarage, using a black music stand.

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Breathless kids called at the Vicarage this afternoon. Had I seen the broken window in the church hall? I hadn’t, so I went with them to survey the damage. They don’t know who was responsible, alas. This door which faces the playground has been damaged before – that’s why there’s no glazing above the door now. Looks like someone has been playing a rock-lobbing game. Again.


At least it’s more straightforward to deal with than the coat on the roof.

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The Vicar took this photo of the ice on the inside of the Queen’s bedroom window this morning. There was still ice on the landing window this afternoon. And most of the window cills are drenched with meltwater. And mould, but that’s my housekeeping for you. This picture is pretty though.

Brrr again. But pretty.

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