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We’ve slowly been souping up our rather basic church website over the past few months. The best thing we did was get our kind computer-literate friend to change it to a WordPress platform, which was familiar to us from blogging. The old site used Joomla and was just too difficult for us to get our heads around.

We try and update the site a couple of times a week to keep it live, and it seems that people are beginning to use it a little. Most of our congregation aren’t on the internet, but we think that the website is especially important for those who aren’t yet in church.

In our quest to make the site friendly and useful, a video of the Vicar has now been produced by Capable, a church member, and Compassion, who is a great friend of our congregation. I think they’ve done a great job and we’re hoping it’ll be a good introduction for people visiting the website. At least they won’t be surprised by the Vicar’s Scottish accent!

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Christianity Explored have relaunched their website, and it’s looking very good. I especially like the short video clips, although you can’t filch them for your blog, or download them to use in a service at church. Looks like you’ll have to buy the dvds when the course itself is relaunched (in a seven week version) in May!

I particularly enjoyed Rob’s story: My Girl said to me ‘No more sex’ – make sure you listen right to the end.

[Edit: Seems I was wrong about having the videos on your blog – you can get them if you can embed code, although wordpress.com make you pay for that privilege, so I can’t. See Tom’s comments below for links to the embed codes.]


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I notice this afternoon that ten schools in our area are closed because they have had burst pipes.

In the holidays  (28th December in fact) I had a phone call from a concerned parishioner who had noticed water gushing from our school’s boiler house. Obviously a burst pipe. She’d phoned me as she wasn’t sure who to contact about it.

So I went straight to Sandwell Council’s shiny new website and after a little hunting found a number for Emergency Property Maintainance/ Council Buildings – 0121 569 4537.  But when I called the number I was told that no forwarding or answering service was available and it rang off. So not much good for Emergencies with Council Buildings, eh?

In the end I called the Chair of Governors, who had a  personal phone number for the school’s Site Manager. He was able to go in and turn off the water and minimise the damage (and the water bills).

Obviously, we were rather fortunate to have had a call from someone who saw the leak and knew someone associated with the school who could do something about it. But if anyone else, without school connections, had noticed a leak in any other school building  during the holidays, Sandwell Council do not really make it possible for anyone to be alerted. Time to sharpen up the act, guys. There’s not much money around and the less wasted on water damage the better.

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