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Superman Engineer

This summer the kids enjoyed all their usual home activities – playing on their bikes, arguing over the PS2, making a mess and dressing up. The Engineer was particularly keen on his (very nearly too small) Superman costume. Since we didn’t have a haircut until the day before they went back to school, he was also able to work on his Superman hair. Can you see his kiss curl?

You look JUST LIKE Superman, darling.

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Amid all the snow chat over the last few days the Vicar and I received a warming summer YouTube clip reminding us of the CPAS Pathfinder Venture that we’re involved in every year. Over the last few years we’ve taken 11-14 year olds from our church youth groups away on these week-long holidays and had a wonderful time, as you can see from this vid. The Vicar appears as a lion tamer in one shot and the Queen can also be seen looking short in the stage performance.
There is usually a reunion for the leaders and campers in January, but ours was sadly cancelled because of all the snow. So some of the leaders ventured out into the snow to make this trailer for next year:

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