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This lovely animation of Luke 22 comes from Sand Bible – they have sand animations for Easter and Christmas which are worth checking out. You can buy a set without the narration if you want to use a different bible version.

We’ll not be watching this at our Passover supper, as we already have plenty to watch and do. Will be showing it to the kids beforehand though.

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This morning work officially began on our attic. Rocky has moved all his stuff downstairs to the spare bedroom and the space is clear for renovations. Thanks to a local trust, we are able to convert the four rooms into a much more usable Ministry Trainee space – two bedrooms, a living room/dining room/kitchenette and a shower room.

So the house was rather full today – four workmen in the attic, four kids (mine plus a bonus one) and then the Vicar, Rocky and me. Thankfully we were able to spread out on three floors. And after taking a few snaps so we can remember how it looked ‘Before’, I escaped out to fetch the lamb for Thursday’s Passover meal. The workers will be back at 8am tomorrow. Hopefully they won’t be drilling immediately…

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Tonight I’ll be preparing some crafts for this Sunday’s Junior Church, which will be on the crucifixion. I know it’s not Good Friday yet, but Palm Sunday is an All Age service and there’s no service suitable for kids on Good Friday. So this week it is. This is helping me get started on thinking how best to prepare for Easter in the Vicarage this year:

  1. I shall be fetching our Resurrection Eggs from their storage cubby hole in the cellar. I *think* they are buried with the Christmas decorations. You could also do something similar with a toddler group or even a holiday club. There’s still time to sort yourself a set out and get in a dozen or so readings.
  2. We’re still listening to the NIV Audio Bible at teatime – heading for Jerusalem in John’s gospel. Lazurus was raised this evening and the Queen remarked ‘Every chapter it talks about people who believe‘. I think our time listening to the bible being read has been worth it just for this.
  3. I am in charge of the catering for our first ever Passover Supper at church on Maundy Thursday. I have a great recipe for slow cooked shoulder of lamb but will also have to source matzos and parsley in appropriate quantities. I anticipate long lists and negotiations with our high street butcher.
  4. I have booked the lovely Bee to help out with an Easter Cake and Chat in the morning of Maundy Thursday. A sort of DIY Easter Holiday Club – she has lots of lovely Easter crafts up her sleeve.

How are you preparing to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord?

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