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I get quite a lot of search engine traffic on this blog from searches about the Round Church (aka StAG), where I used to be a member, and where Mark Ashton was the vicar until his death in April.

Today it has been announced that Alasdair Paine, currently Vicar of Christ Church, Westbourne, in Dorset, has been appointed as the new Vicar for StAG. I enjoyed Alasdair’s clear bible teaching on the clergy wives’ conference I attended last spring. He and Rachel and the family will be prayed for in our Vicarage as they head off to Cambridge to take the helm of that wonderful (and somewhat daunting) congregation.

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Snap is my friend, also a new vicar’s wife. This the story about how life at the Vicarage started out for her:

bishop3The day before Rev Snap’s induction the Bishop just happened to be in the area and called in for a cup of tea.  Rev Snap was in the middle of putting up the shed in the garden and so was in his scruffiest clothes. He’d taken a break to go to the bathroom to produce a urine sample to take to the Doctor’s as requested at his new patient check up the week before.

Snap had to leave for the Doctor’s to deliver the sample before the Bishop left. She went into the bathroom to collect the wee pot assuming her beloved would have left it there for her when he heard the front door bell go. But alas the pot was still in his pocket.

Her beloved knew that Snap was leaving, and that she knew where the pot was. But was this the right moment to let the Bishop in on such intimate details? Husband and wife were able to silently communicate: ‘Let’s leave it till later’.

But then Snap Junior came running into the kitchen having filled his own pot. He proudly held it aloft and asked his mum to put his name on it. Looks like the Bishop is already getting to know the family inside out.

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