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I took my new shoes to Nottingham yesterday. I’m pleased to report that the shoes performed pretty well at the IVP sales meeting. My feet were comfy enough and I didn’t need to change into my slippers immediately I got home.

It was great to see my editor and meet the IVP sales team and tell them a little about The Ministry of a Messy House. I got to meet most of the people in the office too and saw how the process goes through from editing and artwork through customer services and finance through to the boxes of books being packaged for sending out.

Anyway, just in case  you’ve not already seen the pics on Twitter, here are the shoes:

Purple shoes

They came from Brantano for a bargainaceous £13 and were accompanied by a swished dress from the Proc Trust Minister’s Wives conference and a £3 cardie from my favourite jumper stall on the market. Seemed like an appropriately authory outfit. All authors are impecunious, aren’t they?

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On my way through the tow-un yesterday I stopped to buy fruit and veg at one of our great selection of stalls on the open air market. As I discussed the varieties of potatoes with the cheery moustachioed stall holder he started asking me a few questions:

Where you from?MC900441718

Where you live?

Who you live with?

We chatted away, I told him about living with my husband, three kids, two lodgers, a cat, a rodent and a fish, how we didn’t live in a council house because my husband was a vicar and the house came with the job. Then he said:

You have a grrrreat body!

and gave me some free bananas. Since I’d just been at a gym class where I could barely keep up, I have to (rather shallowly) say that this rather made my day…

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So now we’re all back to school and back to the realities of the parish after a great summer break. I’m glad that today the Vicar dragged me up into the tow-un to run some errands. On the way we passed our open air market, where you can buy cheap fruit, mobile phone accessories, underwear, overalls and all sorts of clothing. Everything on the market is pleasingly good value. We bought the Queen a gorgeous deep pink furry fleecy throw for her bed there. She adores it and sleeps under it in preference to her duvet.

The jumper stall is my absolute favourite, though. He sells a random selection of very end-of-line (but still brand new) knitwear, from shops I’d buy from anyway. Over the last couple of years I have bought (or been given) three excellently warming long cardies for Vicarage wear from the market. And today we had a great jumper day, stocking up for the Vicarage winter. The Vicar acquired three M&S v-necks (including a gorgeously toasty lambswool one) and I bought a Next jumper dress and a Monsoon angora/wool mix cardie. Total bill £17. Result. Sometimes I can be cheered up by pretty shallow things…

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