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Following up from watching lots of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus in the form of flash mob YouTube clips over the last couple of weeks, the Vicar nabbed a couple of Messiah clips to encourage folk in church this Sunday. Here is the one that’s not the Hallelujah Chorus – For Unto Us a Child is Born, set to kinetic typography, which helps you to meditate on the words as well as the marvellous music.

Happy Monday. Ours will be mainly spent phoning plumbers (frozen and burst pipes around the Vicarage) and sourcing extra warmth in the form of memory foam topper and electric blanket for Rocky the Vicar’s Apprentice, who has been so cold in the attic that his asthma has been playing up. He sees this as a part of his training for future ministry…

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Do you ever think that shopping centres are modern day cathedrals? The Vicar was a structural engineer in his previous life, so is always interested in buildings. If you look up inside a shopping centre (not usually outside, which is so often like a tin shed), you sometimes feel a glimpse of that awe that comes when you glance aloft in a cathedral, or even a parish church. Sadly, the majesty of the Bullring, or Meadowhall, is a reflection of what we value in our culture.

So I loved this YouTube clip that puts God’s word magnificently in a cathedral-like department store. Although scripture is masquerading as ‘culture’ here. Perhaps we should all be doing this with our congregations – go and mingle with a crowd and then sing a favourite hymn!  I know that some shopping centres have Christmas carols, but perhaps we could think outside the box. This was done on 30th October, so definitely too early for Christmas carols.

HT John Richardson

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I saw this for the first time today and thought it might bring some cheer as you contemplate the shopping/baking/wrapping/tidying/sermon prep or whatever it is that looms large in your house at the moment.

Pooching about on Youtube I see that there are other versions of this which start right at the beginning but this one seems the most fun somehow.

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