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A Walk in the Tow-un

On Wednesday mornings I meet with our Families and Community Worker, Dreamer, to pray. We often start our time together by walking Freddie the dog – we get a lot of pre-prayer chatting done, and a bit of healthy exercise into the bargain.

This week Dreamer had a parcel to collect from our local sorting office, so instead of our usual round of the local park, we walked along the Metro line and up to the industrial estate where the Royal Mail are based. We rather enjoyed this bit of graffiti on a unit on the estate. Freddie was not so amused.


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Our jolly builders have finished their work now. Until they come back with scaffolding to fix the roof gullies, that is. And the electrics. But they’ve gone for now anyway.

Our external paintwork is looking lovely and bright in the rather lurid blue we chose. Our lay reader called it ‘Greek blue’ which I think is good description. One of the first things they painted, on Thursday of last week, was the garage (wood shed) doors. On Friday we spotted that someone had been out with a key or similar sharp object and attempted graffiti. You can just about spot it on this photo:

You can just about see the scratches if you zoom into the middle of the shot

Thankfully the jolly lads were still here with their paint pot, so they’ve painted over it. And they’ve left us the rest of the tub for dealing with any future vandalism. Although I’d really like to paint the vandals rather than the doors, I know that what I need to do is pray for them.

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