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I’m still feeling somewhat spacey after a wonderful weekend in Eastbourne at Bible By The Beach. Terrific bible teaching, an amazing kids’ programme and lots of sunshine. We were sleeping in our new tent, which was lovely and spacious, but taking it down in the wind was like wrestling a team of octupuses (or octupi, if you prefer). Windy nights and sunny mornings don’t make for long lie-ins, so we’re now rather wasted.

So I’m not feeling up to thinking extensively about AV this morning (who is, tbh?) but I thought I’d point you to other Christian bloggers who’ve posted this weekend on the referendum options. Mark Meynell is torn but thinks that AV may not be the answer and Gareth Davies, at CARE, has posted in favour of AV today and will be posting on the opposing view tomorrow.

Later edit: Theos now has a posting with both arguments. And Andrew Goddard has posted very strongly for AV over at the Fulcrum site. Crimperman is pro-AV but gives a good outline of both positions and has some nifty diagrams. Vic the Vicar takes a look at things biblically and wishes the electorate would actually vote. Kneewax is against AV.

Sitting with a rather random bunch of people at the coffee shop during a break in Bible By The Beach, opinion was somewhat divided on AV, so it seems there are are lots of undecided Christians out there. It was great to meet Emma Scrivener, though, having been a big fan of her excellent blog for a while. Go there to think about image and the self, eating disorders and the gospel. I don’t think she’s posted on AV though!

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