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I have a few favourite gadgets in the Vicarage kitchen. Today I’d like to introduce you to my best pastry-making tool: a paint scraper.

I used to make most of my pastry in my food processor, but I found that it was too easy to blitz it and end up with the fat chopped too small and the pastry too tough. Since I started using the paint scraper (NB I’ve never scraped paint with this one) I’ve been able to ensure that plenty of gravel-sized pieces of butter/lard/hard marg remain. This gives me a lovely flakey shortcrust pastry that seems to go down very well with consumers.

It’s therapeutic to chop the fat into the flour, too – sometimes I imagine that I am chopping junk mail into tiny pieces. And no fat in the fingernails either – my pet hate with pastry-making. So there you are – a cheap and useful gadget that can also be used to remove welded Weetabix from the kitchen table. Every kitchen should have one.

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Actually, not so much a gadget as a bowl. Or is it a colander? Or a sieve? Well, that’s what makes it so great. It’s a metal bowl that you can also run water through. So *TA-DA* rinse your soft summer fruit and then serve it IN THE SAME RECEPTACLE. Cunning AND elegant, eh?

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be too bothered about stuff but this bowl does lift my heart in the summer months. Got it in a French market, natch.

Don't eat them all at once, now

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