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Saw this great cartoon by Crimperman yesterday about some traditional Christian responses to Halloween:

As regular readers will know, we now like to carve a Christian pumpkin and tell our callers about it before giving them sweeties and a tract. Mez McConnell in Niddrie has been thinking through his responses to Halloween with the help of a thought-provoking blog by Steve Utley.

We in the Vicarage are going to have to do some extra thinking through this week as the Joker has been invited to a Halloween party this week and we need to work out how to respond. What will you be doing this Wednesday evening?

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This advice on keeping a church safe from visitors was especially devised for Back to Church Sunday, which has just passed, but is useful for every Sunday.

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I spotted this new gospel outline video from Glen Scrivener recently. I was reminded to post it on here after last night’s Messy Church, where we began a three part (obvs) series on the Trinity. I’m not sure many of us would choose to begin sharing our faith with something we see as complicated, but Glen shows us that it’s actually a great place to start.

Check out the 3-2-1 website for more details.

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I meant to post this last year but somehow missed the slot. Now the Easter school hols are upon us I thought you might enjoy this:

The linebacker’s here to take the eggs out of Easter.

[HT: David Keen, sadly only blogging about once every six months or so now]

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