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We renewed our membership of Dudley Zoo in the last week of the holidays. Visiting the animals and the castle is a favourite family outing and membership enables us to grab a quick hour as well as going for longer expeditions. As usual, the Queen took the opportunity to grill the chatty and knowledgeable keepers on animal facts. This time, Kellie, who looks after the birds of prey, told us all about peregrine falcons. We found out that it is the fastest creature on the planet when diving to catch prey – speedier than a cheetah. Bet you didn’t know that either.

And when we climbed to the top of the castle keep, we were reminded of how beautiful our area can be, despite the industry and the urbanisation:

Zoo 2 Zoo 1

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Yesterday we went to Dudley Zoo to celebrate the Queen’s tenth birthday. We loved our visit, as usual, but today was extra special as there were some new babies on show:

Two baby meerkats have joined the colony

We enjoyed a talk on the meerkats and watched the babies playing for ages. But not for as long as we watched the fabulous new baby orangutan:

Baby Sprout and her mum Jazz

A lovely way to celebrate one of my babies being in double figures now.

Happy Birthday The Queen

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