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Just as I was heading out the door to pop to the local shops for supplies  this afternoon, we heard a bit of shouting just outside the Vicarage. So we trooped out onto the drive and faced the delightful sight of a chap urinating on our front wall.

We looked surprised and asked what was happening, and he and his two pals promptly marched off down the street. Since I was heading that way anyway I caught up with them for a chat. I *think* they understood that I was a little cheesed off, but their English wasn’t so good. I pointed out that they wouldn’t do this at their mother’s house nor at the priest’s (they were Polish). They seemed quite apologetic. But they didn’t go back to offer to mop up. And they were all pretty drunk. It was 3pm.

The evidence shows that all three of them had felt the need to relieve ourselves on our property, in full daylight, whilst plenty of people were passing by. Thus is tolerance, respect and happiness between communities unpicked.

Mop and bucket anyone?

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