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We have our Jesse Tree up. And the Christmas tree. We’ve not quite managed to retrieve the card holder from the cellar yet. I have made my first batch of mince pies. Things are beginning to feel festive. And this weekend, the Queen has been practising her festive cookies for a competition in school. She made the cookie cutters from aluminium herself in the tech lab. In the slideshow below is a picture is of the ones she made and iced with pukka homemade royal icing as a practice run before making some more to take to school for the event today.

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Thank you everyone for voting in the Great Tree Date Debate. The results show that there is very little consensus! So now I feel better about not waiting until Christmas Eve – there doesn’t seem to be an official Anglican position on this. And reminds me that we ought to go out and get our tree, seeing as the Engineer’s birthday has now passed. We’ll be heading out sometime this week. Or I’ll be sending the Vicar out with the roofrack, anyway.

In the meantime we’re still wondering what to do with the white fibreoptic tree that someone left on our doorstep this weekend. It’s used, with some tinsel and baubels. And we’ve not yet tracked down the donor. Another Vicarage mystery.

Answer Votes
Other (see below)
Last Sunday before Christmas
When I can be bothered
24th December
1st December
First day of school holidays
Advent Sunday
I hate Christmas trees & don’t have one

The other answers show us how many people are blessed with December birthdays!

Other Answers Votes
Birthday driven

ASAP after 5th December (younger son’s b’day)
after 19th. sons birthday
Like the engineer on my birthday the 8th!
The weekend before my birthday (7th Dec)
Another December birthday here so sometime after the 3rd…but down on 2nd Jan!
Organisation driven

Sometimes we do – sometimes we don’t. Depends on time
When we get organised
when we have time
Somewhere between ‘when I mean to’ and Christmas Eve
When we are fed up to hear Im nagging Steven to get it down!
When I can persuade my husband that he can’t put it off any longer!
Other dates

17th December
in time for the first carol service
Earlier than when did not have children.
last saturday before christmas
the day the children break up
And finally

We don’t have one but we don’t hate them.

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A small debate began on Twitter last night that I thought I’d like to expand. When do you put your Christmas tree up? Is it a symbol of Advent or of Christmas itself?

My family were always pretty disorganised and the tree would not go up until Christmas Eve. Although since the Twitter discussion, where there some pretty strong proponents of Christmas Eve tree decorating, I’m not sure that it was only because of disorganisation.

Since I got married, in a spirit of marital compromise (the Vicar comes from an early tree family), the tree has gone up earlier, and now the official date is as soon as we’ve bought our tree (always real, natch) and as early as possible after the Engineer’s birthday, which is 5th December. So this year, we may spend the afternoon of the Engineer’s birthday purchasing the tree, and possibly even decorating it.

I’m actually quite keen on having the tree up early now. I enjoy having the twinkling lights up through Advent, and especially since we have festive events in the Vicarage. We also have our Jesse Tree, of course, to take the kids through the story of the first  Advent of Christ. And the nearer to Christmas, the bigger the flap in the Vicarage. It’s a busy season for Vicars, you know…

So what do you think? Leave a comment if you’d like to explain!

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