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I blogged for four whole days! In a row! More blog posts than in the whole of 2017, 2018 and 2019. I wrote on Ash Wednesday and then all the way to Saturday. And then it was the First Sunday in Lent and I had small rest. A lifting of the fast to feast for the Lord’s Day.

And a very good Lord’s Day it was too, thanks for asking. We had more people than usual at the All Age Service, with more songs than usual and a great feeling of joy as we read through God’s Very Good Idea together:

This is God’s very good idea: lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other.

God MADE it.
People RUINED it.
He will FINISH it.

One of the final pictures in the book is of a church family eating together. A good illustration, because is that is what we did after we went through this story. Because the first Sunday of the month is our Community Church Day.


We didn’t have pink tablecloths but otherwise this is a pretty good depiction

Community Church Day is when we invite people who attend our midweek church groups (toddlers, kids club, Open Church) to join our Sunday congregation for lunch, with crafts, games and a Bible story in the mix. Other members of the community are also invited – we always try to take some invitations around to neighbours.

A few of us bring food to eat, and everyone pitches in to help with putting up tables, serving food, wrangling toddlers, playing games, clearing up and sweeping the floor at the end. This Sunday we had chicken curry, a yellow dhal, roast gammon, a huge lasagne, a vegetarian pasta dish and carbs in pretty much every form (including an enormous pile of chapattis). The glorious mix of food was matched by the mix of people, a reflection of the wonderful variety of God’s good creation.

A day like that is part of God’s Very Good Idea: lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other. And our next Community Church Day is not on the first Sunday, because we’re going to celebrate Easter Day together: the very best part of God’s Very Good Idea.

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The other morning I got really aerated about pigeon food. As I’ve mentioned before, people put food out to feed the birds in our local shopping precinct. Unfortunately, they overcater, so this was the sight that greeted me on the school run. This food will either turn to mush for folk to slip over on or will be snaffled by greedy rats.

Overcatering for the pigeons

Overcatering for the pigeons

It’s such a nice touch the way that the food is laid out beneath the sign which reads ‘THE FEEDING OF PIGEONS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED’.

Pigeons not interested in the food

Pigeons not interested in the food

And here is a shot of pigeons taking no notice of the food but making a lot of noise for the occupants of the house opposite.

Then yesterday morning, on my way back from my mums’ coffee morning I noticed a not-so-delightful pile of torn chapattis and chips, also intended for hungry birds, just by the church hall entrance. This encourages the massive rats that we sometimes see lurking around the infants playground.

I felt like roaring at the bird feeders rather than the birds themselves. But I couldn’t see them so instead I’ve just ranted at the internet. I feel a bit better.

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